Meet Sarah and Paola

Sarah and Paola are half-Swedish and half-Italian sisters who grew up in Sweden but then moved around Europe. In Paris they started expressing their love for craftsmanship creating clothes and accessories just for fun, and it was in Rome that Nous was born. During their self-taught experience, Sarah and Paola accepted teachings and advice from old and new friends, transforming what was a hobby in a full time job, in a positive sinergy that goes on today.

Sarah and Paola are very different but complete themselves in a creative equilibrium that finds inspiration in nature, traveling and well-being, where elements from their background in Yoga, Shiatsu and Homeopathy come together.

Silver, bronze, crystals and other hard stones are combined into simple and essential jewels that can be worn on occasions or everyday. Sarah and Paola thread beads one by one and use refined and natural materials, avoiding industrial pieces for a cruelty-free and sustainable craftsmanship.

Several items are produced with the ancient technique of lost wax casting with which they mole a few of their models. They choose organic cotton for their threads and bags, as well as recycled textiles for their clothing line to avoid waste, celebrating joy, freedom and creativity.