Ring measurements

Here you can easly understand what ring size you need.
We will explain two simple ways of measure your precise diameter and circumference of your finger to ensure you purchase
the correct size of your rings.

If you already have a ring that fits please place the ring on a ruler and simply measure the inner diameter of the ring.
Make sure that you measure in millimeters and from the center of the ring.
Counting from the inside of the ring, from one side, to the inside of the ring on the other side, like on the picture above.

Take a piece of thread and wrap it around the finger you would like to measure, marking where the end of the string meets
the start with a pen. If you have large knuckles, take the size from there, if you have straighter fingers you can take the size lower
down. Always thinking of wrapping the tread not to tight and not to wide , but moderate. Then, line the thread up against a ruler
to measure its length in millimeters. You can then use the chart below to calculate your ring size.