As our customer we invite you to inspect your new product upon receipt within fourteen days of delivery. Please check the delivered quantity as well as quality. All of our jewelry is handmade by us and fully inspected by us prior shipment. Since we are using natural materials all pieces are individual and unique and will slightly vary in appearance.

If you do believe that there is something dissatisfactory with our product upon receipt please email us at nousatelierjewelry@gmail.com and include pictures of the defect.

The warranty covers unworn jewelry that has not been altered, stored or used in a way unintended. We also extend our warranty for one month of usage towards the quality of our product. This includes repair or exchange for a new product if repair is not possible, if there were to be any issues with your product during this time.
Again the warranty is voided if the product is defected due to unwarranted use or have been altered. Until we have confirmed that your refund has been received. We will refund the account of the original payment method within 14 days after cofirmed receipt and inspection.